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Smaller “Dub Box” Mobile Concept

Smaller “Dub Box” Mobile Concept

Will experiment with new mobile eateries in some West Coast locations.

Bon Appetit Management Co., which has operated an iconic “Monte Cristo” food truck in the Seattle area for several years, is retiring that unit and planning to replace it with new, more flexible units called “Dub Boxes.”  These are customized camping trailers that look vaguely like one of the original Volkswagon vans and which are better suited to urban environment use because of their smaller size and weight.

In Seattle, BA has in the passt used trucks as a supplemental option for clients waiting for the completion of new café construction projects and for special events.

The new unitscan be temporarily parked in more locations and are designed to accommodate up to two staffers as well as limited equipment options such such as a grill, fryer or refrigeration unit.  They can easily be modified for limited menu concepts such as gourmet grilled cheese or hot dog menus, to serve ice cream and other purposes. Reportedly, they are already being tested in the California market.

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