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Best College Dining Halls? We'll Show You Best College Dining Halls…

An online article at caught our eye recently. It was titled The 14 Best Dining Halls in America. Curious, since it is our job to cover this segment, we decided to see what they had come up with. Turns out the list isn't about dining halls at all, at least not really. Each entry talks about the dining program at different schools, with the list mostly emulating the top ends of popular rating services like Princeton Review and College Prowler. There is no attempt to discuss individual dining venues.

Still, the article did get us to thinking: Just what are the best college dining venues in America? Well, even though we cover this industry, we make no pretense to knowing every single college dining program to the extent of being able to compile an authoritative ranking. Nevertheless, we have seen quite a few that knocked our socks off, either by their looks or their innovative approach.

Here are some of our favorites…

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