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18 must-see meals adapted for grab-and-go by food service operators during coronavirus crisis

Good news: We’re finding lots of creativity amidst the chaos. As mobile ordering, delivery and pick-up have changed the way customers are eating, menus have changed, too, becoming more comforting and more portable, with flavors and ingredients used in some extremely smart, tasty ways.

Getting ahead of the curve is on the (already long) checklist for many foodservice operators and chefs dealing with a whole new way of serving their customers in the wake of COVID-19’s ongoing impact on the industry. But when the going gets tough, these pros get creative.

Take a look at how they’ve stepped up, from finding menu items that comfort like no other (cheeseburger meatloaf!) to creating healthy veggie-based dishes that travel and making easy family-style weeknight options for stressed-out folks in the community. It’s truly pizza pie’s time to shine, and those pizza boxes can be used for other cool stuff, too, like nachos. Bowl concepts are also proving to be MVPs in this new climate.

While the way food is being served is bound to look very different for some time to come, it’s heartening to see that focus on ingredients, flavors and presentation are still in effect, along with the simple act of preparing and sharing food.

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