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Foodservice menu trending: 18 must-see meals adapted for grab-and-go by food service operators during coronavirus crisis

In this month’s recap of the Top 5 most popular food and beverage Food Management articles,  College Chef Showcase: Chicken tender ghost kitchen a big win at University of Mary Washington ranked as the week’s top story.  Chef David Schneider, Sodexo GM of University Dining at UMW, conjured up the idea the school’s first ghost kitchen, 1301 Hen House, in response to the changes and challenges brought on by the pandemic. Among other stories in this week’s gallery: 

  • 8 ways to give pad Thai a try
  • 10 super healthy seafood dishes to make a splash on the menu

In other news, when you consider all the benefits seafood can deliver to the human body, it’s downright crazy we don’t eat it more. Fatty fish like salmon can reduce inflammation in the heart’s arteries. The omega-3 fatty acids can boost brain health—and mood. And those same omega-3s may tone down overactive immune responses, whether you’re young or old. Eyesight and gut health are other areas seafood can improve.

Click through the gallery to see other trending stories in the food and beverage segment.

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