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WTB with Mashgin 716.png Aramark Sports + Entertainment
An outside Walk Thru Bru market with touchless AI scanning technology at Soldier Field.

Walk Thru Bru outlets brew increased beer sales for Aramark at NFL stadiums

Self-serve markets producing increased transactions and reduced wait times at the four sites where they have been deployed.

The experiment launched this fall by Aramark Sports + Entertainment to facilitate beer sales at NFL stadiums through the use of Walk Thru Bru self-serve markets has produced positive results thus far. The markets were deployed at four stadiums—Acrisure Stadium in Pittsburgh, Empower Field at Mile High in Denver, Cleveland Browns Stadium and Soldier Field in Chicago—in September, where the company ditched its standalone packaged beer portables in exchange for the self-serve markets that offer a wider variety of choices and allow fans to pick out their beverages, verify their age, pay, and get back to the game faster than ever before.

According to the Aramark Sports + Entertainment Data Science team, the company is seeing a 12% lift in transactions at the converted packaged beer portable locations, with the largest increases—20+%—at Acrisure Stadium and Soldier Field. The latter also saw a reduction of 34% in estimated wait times compared to previous years at the converted beer portable locations. In addition, Aramark saw an average 22% increase in transactions across all four venues during peak periods, defined as 30 minutes before kickoff, end of 1st quarter, and halftime.

When comparing alcohol per cap lifts across all 10 of the NFL venues Aramark serves, three of the top four increases year-over-year were at the Walk Thru Bru sites, with Acrisure Stadium topping the list and Soldier Field and Cleveland Browns Stadium coming in at #3 and #4, respectively.

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