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CentraState Health System in New Jersey gives recovered coronavirus patients box full of meals

In an effort to assist with recovery and to celebrate being discharged, the hospital’s food service team is creating a box of food and meals to send home with patients.

Food as medicine. That’s a concept that hospitals know all too well. But for one New Jersey hospital, it’s taking on a whole new meaning in this new world of COVID-19.

CentraState Health System has seen its fair share of coronavirus patients—at one point, two-thirds of the census was COVID-positive, according to Gary Triolo, director of food and nutrition services. As patients began to be discharged after recovering from the virus, the foodservice team knew it wanted to do something just a little bit special to mark the occasion.

Now, when a COVID-positive patient is discharged, they are surprised with a box of goodies, including meals made by the nutrition team and also supplies to help them with meals for the next couple of days. The hospital is also including a gift card to area restaurants to help with meals.

Needless to say, the box has been a huge hit with the families, who have already been through so much and are extremely grateful for the helping hand (the department has received some truly heartwarming messages of thanks in response).

“We didn’t sign up for this, but we show up,” is how Gary described it to me. Here’s his story:

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