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FM On Demand with Tara Fitzpatrick: How a healthcare burger totally won over San Francisco food critic

The smashed, blended and ‘shroom-tastic burger with the lacy edges and soft bun from UCSF Health’s café made a prestigious local list. Director Dan Henroid tells us how.


When a burger is smashed into a screamin’ hot griddle, the lacy, almost-burnt edges are the delicious result. Take that same burger, make it grassfed and blend it with mushrooms…the result is a healthier—yet still amazing—result. The foodservice team at San Francisco’s UCSF Health has been making burgers this way for a few years and has just recently got recognition from a local food/tech writer, Thomas Smith, of The Bold Italic.

Longtime friend of FM and healthcare foodservice thought leader Dan Henroid, MS, RD, director of nutrition and food services at UCSF Health, is our guest in this episode of FM On Demand with Tara Fitzpatrick. We talk specifics about smashburgers and blended burgers and also about the tendency of mainstream food writers and local news reporters to automatically assume hospital food will be bad! I let out a bit of emotion/sass about this topic, not gonna lie.

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