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Healthcare On Demand: Culinary Services Group’s John Mayer talks about the new dining program at Jackson Parish Hospital

Patient and retail dining at Louisiana’s Jackson Parish Hospital recently got an upgrade to homestyle menus when management company Culinary Services Group took over foodservice operations.


FM On Demand and C&U On Demand are video interviews with onsite dining professionals who talk about creative and interesting initiatives they have developed or undertaken.

Homestyle menu choices are now the norm for patients, staff and visitors at Jackson Parish Hospital (JPH) in Louisiana, thanks to management company Culinary Services Group (CSG), which took over operation of the dining program at the beginning of this month. The dining upgrades came in conjunction with a renovation and expansion of the community hospital’s facilities and are designed to better serve the food preferences and nutritional needs of patients and staff.

FM caught up with John Mayer, director of food services for CSG at JPH to learn more about what’s new in the meal programs there.

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