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How Advocate Aurora’s retail food service operation got its groove back

Anne Markwell and the food service team at this large Chicago-area hospital system revitalize retail with pop-ups, marketing and new recipes.


When hospital retail foodservice revenue has been dormant thanks to COVID closures, how does one wake things up? That’s the challenge being addressed—with success—at Advocate Condell Medical Center in Libertyville, Ill., part of Advocate Aurora Health, a large hospital system.

In this FM On Demand interview, Anne Markwell, food and nutrition manager of Condell Foodservice, shares with us what’s been working to bring back retail: events like a virtual Jamaican vacation with authentic recipes, superfood specials, partnerships with the cardiology department and onsite fitness center and pop-ups to highlight the chefs of Condell Foodservice.

“Chef Chai Pathak and Chef Matias Reyes, along with the entire Condell Foodservice team have been instrumental I the success of all these retail events,” Markwell says. Find out more about this team’s strategy to help the retail part of the operation once again become an oasis for busy healthcare workers and friends and family of patients.

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