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Tips to reopen your onsite café or restaurant

Kardia at UNC REX Healthcare recently opened, with a limited menu, eliminated seating and enhanced cleaning policies.

When coronavirus hit earlier this spring, the dining team at UNC REX Healthcare had a leg up. The year before, the restaurant had to close to, forcing the team to create a grab-and-go dining program. That experience formed the basis of the hospital’s meal program during the COVID-crisis.

But now that Kardia is open to open its doors once again, the team is having to adjust to new policies and procedures to ensure the safety of staff and diners alike. I spoke with Kardia chef manager James Castellow to find out how the hospital’s foodservice team opened up the restaurant with a limited menu, a new flow for a patrons, limited hours to ensure proper cleaning could take place and the removal of seating to other parts of the hospital to maintain social distancing.

Here’s James’ story.


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