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Power Players

The 2018 Hospital Power Players

FM’s Hospital Power Players feature, like those for K-12 Power Players and College Power Players, is designed to provide FM readers a glimpse into how some of the largest entities in the respective segments operate their dining programs and what additions and enhancement they have made recently.

The 2018 Hospital Power Players list was compiled using the Staffed Beds number for each as reported by the American Hospital Directory (AHD) and is composed of the 25 with the highest number of Staffed Beds as of mid-June 2018. In many cases, the number includes several facilities and these are noted in each entry.

According to its website, AHD draws the Staffed Beds number from each hospital’s latest Medicare cost report (W/S S-3, Part I, col.1) and defines it as "the number of beds available for use by patients at the end of the cost reporting period. A bed means an adult bed, pediatric bed, birthing room, or newborn bed maintained in a patient care area for lodging patients in acute, long term, or domiciliary areas of the hospital.” It does not include beds in labor or birthing rooms, post-anesthesia, postoperative recovery rooms, outpatient areas, emergency rooms, ancillary departments, nurses' and other staff residences, and other such areas which are regularly maintained and utilized for only a portion of the stay of patients, it adds.

All data and information in the following profiles, with the exception of the Staffed Beds number, come from the individual hospitals or from FM research in cases where the hospital declined to provide the requested information.

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