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Paris-based Elior Group, parent of FM Top 50 firm Elior North America, has combined the functions of board chairman and CEO, naming Bernard Gault, who had been serving as interim CEO since this past March, to the combined position.

5 things: New Elior chairman/CEO to review options posed by major new stockholder

This and the potential importance of in-office interactions on career advancement are some of the stories you may have missed recently.

In this edition of 5 Things, Food Management highlights five things you may have missed recently about developments affecting onsite dining.

Here’s your list for today:

  1. New Elior chair/CEO to review options posed by major new stockholder

Paris-based Elior Group, parent of FM Top 50 firm Elior North America, has combined the functions of board chairman and CEO, naming Bernard Gault, who had been serving as interim CEO since this past March, to the combined position. The company said the move was made as part of its review of its strategic options following the recent purchase of a minority stake in Elior Group by international environmental and business services contract firm Derichebourg Group that makes Derichebourg Elior's largest (reference) shareholder.

"The Board of Directors welcomes Derichebourg SA as Elior Group’s reference shareholder," Elior said in its release. "The board believes in this context that it is in Elior’s best interest to thoroughly review the possible strategic options and to examine the best value creating options for Elior Group’s shareholders. In order to complete this study phase, the Board decided to combine the functions of Board Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and voted unanimously to entrust Bernard Gault with the post of Elior Group Chairman and CEO."

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  1. Illinois hopes to turn invasive carp into “copi” to spur use in dishes

For decades, invasive species of carp have been wreaking havoc on lakes and waterways in the American Midwest. One way to help tackle the infestation is simply to catch, cook and eat the fish, but many diners turn up their noses when they hear the word "carp". To combat that, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources in partnership with more than 30 restaurants, distributors, processors and retailers have given the invasive species a new name, copi, in hopes that people will order copi dishes at restaurants or even cook up the fish at home.

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  1. Does work-from-home hamper career advancement

As a looming recession begins to impact the remote work culture, one other consideration is emerging—is work-from-home also "out of sight, out of mind" when it comes to promotions as some remote work employees are beginning to worry that their career advancement may suffer in favor of those who go to the office and have face-to-face interaction with decision makers, according to a Forbes analysis of recent workplace trends. "Managers may neglect to invite them to important Zoom or impromptu in-office meetings. They’ll miss out on all of the serendipitous encounters in the hallway, cafeteria and elevators. The folks working from home won’t be invited to lunches, drinks after work or concerts and sporting events in the city. They’ll likely feel like second-class citizens."

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  1. Twitter CEO takes a turn as office café barista

While attending a series of events at Twitter‘s London office, CEO Parag Agrawal was seen teaming up with CFO Ned Segal to serve coffee and cookies to the Twitter London employees at the office cafeteria. Naturally, the images of Agrawal taking orders from the employees went live on the social media platform with one commenter remarking, “Americano, cappuccino, chai latte, espresso, flat white, Parag special and Ned’s cookies.”

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  1. Peanuts grounded at Dodger Stadium

Vendor Roger Owens, known for his talent of pitching peanuts to fans at baseball games at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, has now been barred by employer Levy Restaurants from tossing the bags at fans. Owens told the Los Angeles Times that Levy cited fan safety as its reason for the ban.

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Bonus: Northwestern scores with Home Plate promo

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