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Friendly competition between the “six more weeks of winter” and the “think spring” predictions drove sales of these super cute treat boxes by the Cura team at Punxsutawney Area Hospital.

Adorable treat box idea pops up for Groundhog Day, has year-round potential at Pa. hospital

Cura dining team at Punxsutawney Area Hospital makes virtual Groundhog Day more fun with a sweet grab-and-go idea.

At the epicenter of Groundhog Day, the city of Punxsutawney wasn’t the same this year since the groundhog, Phil, wouldn’t be part of an outdoor festival with thousands of people. He would still make his prediction, though, and like so many of us, Punxsutawney Phil had to get used to being on a Zoom call!

think_spring_pink_and_orange_groundhog_day_cookie_box.jpgPhoto: The more optimistic “think spring” box has vibrant colors “to help people think of spring flowers,” says Nettie Albohali, GM of dining with Cura at Punxutawney Area Hospital.

Ron Burkhardt, Cura director of dining services and Nettie Albohali, GM of dining, and their team at Punxsutawney Area Hospital made sure medical staff and guests could get in on some Groundhog Day fun since the usual carnival atmosphere would be so quiet this year.

“With Groundhog Day being virtual this year (watching Phil being pulled out and his prediction online) and not in person, we wanted to make something fun for the staff here at the hospital,” Albohali says. “We created dessert-hot chocolate ‘charcuterie’ boxes with the option of a winter or spring theme.”

Staff were able to sign up and some were letting their kids pick their guess for either “six more weeks of winter” or “think spring” by purchasing the boxes.

six_more_weeks_of_wintercute_groundhog_cookies.jpgPhoto: The “six more weeks of winter” box has snow-themed treats.

“I’ve heard of some friendly competition between spouses who are buying with the hopes that their prediction is right,” Albohali says. “It seems like everyone from staff to their family members are having fun making their guesses and purchasing their choice.”

Phil’s prediction this year is for six more weeks of winter, so the winter-themed boxes were the right choice, just as this idea could be a good choice for just about any holiday or national cookie day that comes up throughout the year.

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