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Chefs to Watch: Bryan Health’s Chef Nazim Khan chases adventures in healthcare dining

World travels, perspective and cooking for wellness… Executive Chef Nazim Khan just returned from a world chef’s conference in Bangladesh full of fresh ideas.


Even after a crazy number of hours on airplanes, Executive Chef Nazim Khan, CEC, WCEC, WCMC, is full of energy as ever. Just back from Bangladesh, where he participated in an international culinary conference and revisited old stomping grounds, he’s already cooking up new ideas for the immediate future at Bryan Medical Center, where there always seems to be something new in the works from the foodservice team.

We caught up with Khan, reflecting on his fascinating journey from Bangladesh to New York City to Virginia Tech to serving world-class food and inspiring the community at a hospital in Nebraska. Working in healthcare has turned Khan’s focus onto lots of complex topics, from sustainable farming to food-as-medicine and the self-sustainability of patients who learn to cook healthy food for themselves.

Khan says he’s spent about half of his live in Bangladesh and half here in the USA, starting in New York City when he first arrived in his 20s. He considers himself to be kind of a living melting pot, having influence from two different halves of the earth.

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