FM On Demand with Tara Fitzpatrick: The cool collaboration behind HHS’ new sustainable bowls

A new line of plant-based, sustainable (and wildly creative) bowls is the result of back-and-forth recipe development between Chef Jason Patel of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and HHS Chef Marta Hernandez.


In this episode, we welcome two guests—a healthcare chef and a Humane Society chef—to talk about Sustaina-bowls, a sustainable, plant-based bowl project that has yielded some very successful bowls. HHS Chef Marta Hernandez and HSUS Chef Jason Patel talk about how recipe ideation can work via Zoom, since the two of them are in different time zones and the project got started in the middle of the pandemic. Culinary collaboration is the key here and we get into the nuts and bolts of how it can work in a virtual way.

We also talk about what goes into creating a bowl that’s not only plant-based but also approachable and accessible to customers and the people who are doing the cooking. With labor and supply chain issues, coming up with a cool new program or concept has some pretty intense hurdles, and can be a bit discouraging. But with the spirit of teamwork, they’ve come up with something really special in Sustaina-bowls.

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