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FM On Demand with Tara Fitzpatrick: How Cura’s Comfort Cart amplifies human touch at Allegheny General

We talk with Cura Hospitality’s Windy Flynn and Jessica Kotuba about the carts that carry so much more than just coffee, snacks and tissues.


On this episode of FM On Demand with Tara Fitzpatrick, we are zooming in on the Cura Comfort Cart at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pa. The Comfort Cart is proving to be a great way for the dining crew to help the nursing staff provide comfort to hospital visitors who have just received bad news. The reality of a hospital setting is: Death is part of life. And bad news can also come in the form of a move to hospice, a diagnosis or any jarring medical event, really. The professional caregivers have to walk a fine line between compassion and professionalism. Staying sane and filling their own cups means they can care for others more effectively. We talk with creator of the cart, Cura Hospitality’s Jessica Kotuba, patient services manager, and Windy Flynn, dining services director. The two are experienced in the healthcare space, and have some interesting info to share about the carts and also how their skill sets help them practice compassion.


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