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Fresh veggies, smart recruitment tactics on the table at Morrison Healthcare’s Mayo Clinic farm-fresh chef demo booth at a farmers market

When produce is putting on its biggest show of the year, a farmers market collab is a great opportunity to get chefs out of the kitchen. Morrison Healthcare took it a step further and used this a chance to meet people in the community who might also be job seekers.

When Morrison Healthcare Rochester, Minn., Mayo Clinic chefs did a late summer stint at the local farmers market with local farmers, each was impressed with the other’s mastery of their craft. The chefs when they laid eyes on vibrant veggies and the farmers when they tasted the chefs’ heirloom tomato salad, with its perfectly balanced use of the farmers’ own product.

The symbiotic relationship between farmer and chef goes even deeper here at the Rochester Farmers Market, as Morrison Healthcare team was ready to get to know the community, and answer any questions they may have about employment, too.

Everything on Morrison’s chef’s table/booth was grown by the local market vendors, and over the course of the month of August at the market, the team created items that really showed off the produce, such as a cucumber-dill slaw, bruschetta using bread from a market vendor, salsa fresca, veggie ceviche and more. Take a closer look at the chefs’ booth.

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