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Healthcare dining trending: A hospital plans to keep COVID-era innovations; Cura's director on new technology

In this month’s recap of the Top 5 most popular healthcare Food Management articles, coronavirus-spurred streamlining will outlast the pandemic at Atlanta’s Piedmont Hospital ranked as the week’s top story. Grab-and-go meals have replaced self-serve options and the team also encourages consumption at remote locations across the hospital. Leaner operations, including cutting patient room service, have helped contain costs and potential contamination. Among other stories in this week’s gallery:

  • One On One With: Cura Hospitality’s managing director on innovating in healthcare and senior dining during coronavirus; and
  • Alaska Native Medical Center chef uses wisdom of Alaska Natives to help patients heal.

In other news, a new California culinary center serves Kaiser Permanente and reaches for food justice goals. The newest initiative is more than just food distribution, it's a new model of collaboration in the Bay Area: FoodService Partners’ Union City Food Culinary Center is addressing troublesome systemic inequalities in the area. Part meal production/distribution center and part food hub/business incubator, the center is a high-capacity operation that has created 150 living-wage jobs in San Francisco’s East Bay.

Click through the gallery to see other trending stories in the healthcare segment.

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