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Healthcare dining trending: Listeria shuts down hospital, 2019's biggest stories

To close out 2019, one of the biggest stories in health care dining was Food Management’s podcast with Bruno Tison food service lead at Northwell Health in New York. Tison joined the hospital after being the executive chef in charge of Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn and Spa in California, which received the coveted Michelin start three consecutive years. We spoke with Tison about the challenges of evolving health care dining and overhauling patient and retail dining at Northwell.

Another top story was listeria shutting down the cafeteria at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, which forced the hospital to provide food to patients from an outside source while the issue was resolved.

Rounding out the month’s top health care dining stories were the biggest stories in senior dining for 2019 (Morrison partnering with the University of North Florida for Meals on Wheels was the top senior dining story of the year), the Woodlands at John Knox Village in Florida offering freshly made meal to seniors in their homes and the 10 biggest stories in health care dining in 2019 (including Food Management Group’s Green Kitchens cost-effective dining option).

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