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Meet the 2022 winners of Food Management’s Best Healthcare Recipe Contest

These 10 dishes, straight from the busy kitchens of healthcare dining, are hitting the sweet spot between wellness-boosting food and soul-nourishing comfort food with patients, hospital staff and visitors.

Healthcare dining is doubly interesting from a culinary standpoint, because the foodservice professionals who create recipes for this market have a foot in two different worlds: Making food delicious; making food that is healthy.

The winning healthcare recipes land in the best of both worlds. FM is proud to shine the spotlight on these 10 dishes that are tops in several categories, from Best Healthy Wrap to Best Plant-based Chicken to Best Nourishing Soup, Best Pasta Swap and more. FM editors judged these based on originality, ingredients, nutrients, overall vibe, flavor, visual appeal and that certain something that turns a meal into a warm hug. Many of these dishes star plant-based elements, but it’s an omnivore’s list, including meat and seafood, too. Also, please note winners are in no particular order, but you will find special Best Wild Card and Best in Show categories at the very end. Enjoy, get inspired and be well!

TAGS: Menu Trends
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