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The dining operation at the threehospital Baton Rouge General system implemented a new patient dining program based on healthier choices from HHS Culinary amp Nutrition Services
<p>The dining operation at the three-hospital Baton Rouge General system implemented a new patient dining program based on healthier choices from HHS Culinary &amp; Nutrition Services.</p>

FM Top 50 2015: No. 40 HHS Culinary & Nutrition Solutions

2014 Revenues: $39,000,000

Culinary & Nutrition Solutions (CNS) is a unit of HHS (Hospital Housekeeping Systems), a hospital services management company traditionally focused on housekeeping, transport and related services that expanded into foodservice in 2011.

Success with its BRG-Fit line of anti-inflammatory products in Baton Rouge in 2013 inspired CNS to continue in the same vein and expand the program into multiple locations, producing increased retail sales.

The Chef’s Table culinary exhibition program also remains a key focus, with continued expansion and development. CNS expanded its internal recipe development and highlighted an Intranet system that ensures company wide consistency, better compliance to standards, and better utilization of the purchasing program.

It also continued to refine its menus after receiving positive feedback from patients and staff last year by using fresh ingredients and offering anti-obesity and anti-inflammatory diets.

Other initiatives in 2014 included an enhanced hourly training program, the development of an internal auditing tool to ensure standards are met and directors are all following established policies and procedures, and the continued development of the recipe database, including adding recipes appropriate for a wide variety of diets.



HHS Culinary & Nutrition Solutions

Contact Information    
216 E. 4th St., Austin, Texas 78701
(512) 765-4210


2014: $39
2013: $25
2012: $26

No. of Contracts    
2014: 27
2013: 16

Business Mix:
Dining Operations (66%), Retail/Convenience Stores (28%), Catering (6%)

Segments Served:
Hospitals (100%)


Keith O’Neill, president

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