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FM On Demand: Catching up on a year during COVID with Fulton County Schools’ Alyssia Wright

From creative staffing to keeping inspired, this school nutrition pro talks about serving students and the community.


Every year I’m on the committee for the FAME (Foodservice Achievement Management Excellence) Awards, which honors school nutrition professionals for their dedication and commitment to feeding the nation’s children. In 2019, the winner of the Silver Leadership Award went to Alyssia Wright, executive director of school nutrition at Fulton County Schools in Georgia. Unlike many of the previous FAME winners, I had never met Alyssia until the awards banquet. I was immediately struck by her friendly and welcoming nature and knew she would be someone we at Food Management would want to keep our eye on.

Now, two years later, I was able to catch up with Alyssia, nearly a year to the day after her district first shut down last spring due to COVID. In that year, she and her team have served 3 million meals to the community. Watch this interview and hear her thoughts on keeping inspired during COVID, finding creative solutions to staffing and serving students.

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