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FM On Demand: Key strategies for K-12’s return to lunchrooms

Kern Halls, K-12 lunchroom design and marketing expert (and former foodservice director), outlines the areas of focus that will get your school food community off on the right foot as we prepare begin again next school year.


School food professionals have fed kids in so many different ways during the past 18 months—curbside pickup, meal kits, hybrid schedules, you name it, they’ve pivoted into it. Now, summer is here and as we know from experience, it’ll be gone in a flash. In the midst of summer feeding programs and (hopefully) a bit of down time, directors, chefs, kitchen managers and staff know the new school year will be here before we know it.

We’re in luck because Kern Halls is here to help. He’s got strategies, fresh ideas and a super positive attitude to boot. In this episode of FM’s On Demand, Halls takes us through the anatomy of a lunchroom, from function to look and feel, from marketing to making someone’s day (kids, staff, parents too). We also talk about new trends and ideas he’s seen around the country, through his consultancy, Ingenious Culinary Concepts.

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