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K-12 On Demand: Sodexo’s Keith Stewart talks about the rollout of the company’s new FoodIE Café program for middle schools

After a successful pilot, FoodIE Café is ready to roll out to middle school meal programs operated by Sodexo this fall.


FM On Demand and K-12 On Demand are video interviews with onsite dining professionals who talk about creative and interesting initiatives they have developed or undertaken.

The middle school market is evolving into one that is highly diverse ethnically and more adventurous in its food preferences than previous generations of tweens, including being more demanding about vegetarian and other specialty options. Management company Sodexo, which operates school foodservice programs in hundreds of districts around the country, sought to better understand this emerging market through some intensive research and as a result developed a concept specifically designed for middle school environments called FoodIE Café.

FoodIE Café was successfully piloted this past year and is ready to roll out this fall.

FM caught up with Keith Stewart, vice president of marketing for Sodexo K-12 to learn more about what was learned in that pilot and what the rollout plans are

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