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12 Totally Cool Back to School Recipes for K-12

The kitchens of K-12 are settling back into the lunch groove for another year, and at the same time, school foodservice pros are looking to up the wow factor for adventurous and picky eaters alike with recipes that are healthful and full of flavor.

“Kids are more receptive to trying new things than we give them credit for,” says Sanna Delmonico, MS, RDN, CHE, nutrition/food safety instructor and senior manager, culinary nutrition for strategic initiatives for The Culinary Institute of America. “There’s no reason to think they’ll only like pizza. They’re trying new things in restaurants and fast-casual places. Take an item and then develop a ‘school-ified’ version.”

Delmonico suggests taste testing as a great way to introduce new menu items that go beyond traditional school foods. She predicts meatless proteins like legumes and tofu will rise in popularity with kids, and that grain/rice bowls will continue to rule at school.

Click through for Green Dragon Salsa, Thai Chili Noodle Salad, Buffalo Chicken on Jalapeno Cheese Toast, Lentil Lasagna, Cuban Potato Salad and more…

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