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COVID-19’s impact on the largest school districts in the country

The coronavirus has shuttered all 25 of Food Management’s K-12 Schools Power Players, with each developing its own strategy for how to continue feeding students during the time schools are closed.

How is the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis affecting school districts around the country? Judging by the impact the contagion has had on the 25 mega districts—the largest in the country by enrollment—that constitute Food Management’s K-12 Power Players, the impact has been massive as all 25 are currently closed to on-premise instruction for varying lengths. Some, such as Los Angeles USD and San Diego Unified may not reopen again this spring if California Governor Gavin Newsome is to be believed, while others have at least tentative plans to reopen either at the end of March or sometime in the first half of April.

Meanwhile, school district feel the obligation to feed their students during the unanticipated break, with most opting for the distribution of grab-and-go meals—often lunch and breakfast at once—from select school sites, and usually outside where families can get them quickly without risking too much contact or exposure. A couple, such as Cypress-Fairbanks ISD in Texas and Baltimore County Schools in Maryland are also including dinner with the coronavirus-imposed offerings.

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