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Meet the 2013 K-12 Power Players

Meet the 2013 K-12 Power Players

FM's Special Report offers a look at the largest school districts in the country

The K-12 segment stands at a watershed time, in the midst of once-in-a-generation USDA meal pattern and program changes and at the focal point of unprecedented social and political concern about nutrition, health and wellness. Together, these forces are having a dramatic impact on K-12 child nutrition programs.

In evaluating that impact, though, the national averages paint only a limited picture. To give that picture more detail, one must look more closely at individual districts and to do that, Food Management compiled this special report. It offers capsule profiles of the nutrition programs in the nation’s largest school districts (the first 25 are published here; those of the largest 50 will be posted on later this month).

While not reflecting the experience of every district (after all, there are more than 13,000), they do represent over 8 million students, one-sixth of the public school population, and the broad, regional reach of the NSLA program.

View the top 50 K-12 Power Players in this interactive data table


    •    Pinellas County Schools: Technology as School Foods’ Best Friend
    •    Jefferson County Schools: Making a la Carte a Reimbursable Option
    •    Memphis City and Shelby County Merge

*Our Power Players list uses USDA’s 2012-13 SFA Verification Summary Report enrollment figures as the ranking protocol. The data from that report reflects the student enrollment data for NSLA schools in the 2012-13 year; other data was collected from districts directly.

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