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New Report: 90% of Snacks Eaten at School Come from Home

Ages 6-12 snacking on fruit, fruit cups,

Books, school supplies and snacks from home are all items found in kids' backpacks as they head back to school, according to snacking research by The NPD Group. Students, ages 6-12, consume 4.1 snack-oriented convenience foods daily in and out of school. Teens, 13 to 17, consume 3.8 snacks daily.

NPD's SnackTrack, which tracks snacking occasions in- and away-from-home every day of the year, reports that 90 percent of school snacks are brought from home.

The most popular snacks to eat at school vary by age group. Six to 12 year olds, whose parents are most likely packing their snacks, tend to eat fresh fruit, fruit cups/applesauce, potato chips, meal kits and yogurt. Teens, who are choosing their own snacks, are chewing gum and eating fresh fruit, potato chips, chocolate/candy bars and granola bars. For both age groups, sandwiches are still the must-have for lunches at school, showing up in two-thirds of all brown bag lunches, accoding to NPD's National Eating Trends.

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