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Quick, easy makeover revitalizes high school cafeteria

Completed in just two days, a spiffed-up serving-area refresh at an Arizona high school proves you don’t always need a full-scale renovation to make a difference in the look and feel of dining spaces.

As the summer months have blazed on, school foodservice consultant Kern Halls has been crisscrossing the country, helping foodservice teams put on a fresh face for the coming school year. Halls’ Orlando-based company, Ingenious Culinary Concepts, accomplished this at Maricopa High School this summer, casting fresh eyes on several elements of the service area: reach-through windows, entryways, windows and condiment stations. Getting these things right can change the whole face of a school food program, Halls has found.

Maricopa (Ariz.) Unified School District Director Suzette Moe was looking for a “spruce up” for the Phoenix-area high school’s serving space. “We recommended adding a new condiment bar and new design on the walls and window treatments,” Halls says. Check out before-and-after photos that show how a mini makeover can make a major difference in a matter of days.  

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