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School nutrition trending: 25 K-12 Foodservice Heroes; preparing for lunch in the classroom; preordering lunches

A school food service leader on serving communities, being Black and living in America, Albuquerque Public Schools using barcode program for fall reopening and more trending stories from this month.

When Food Management sent out a call for nominations of Foodservice Heroes—individuals who stepped up beyond the call of duty during the first stage of the coronavirus crisis this past spring—we were swamped with responses from every sector of the onsite dining community…and even a few from outside the community! Here are some of the submissions.

Planning on lunch in the classroom? Directors say you’ll have to limit your menu. Supply chain issues are just a part of the challenges facing child nutrition professionals feeding kids inside and outside the classroom when schools reopen. Laura Benavidez, executive director of food and nutrition services for Boston Public Schools, and Michael Rosenberger, executive director for Dallas Independent School District. spoke during Food Management's Back to School leadership series about how their districts are facing the fall.

Early this year, a major Denver area public school district launched a pilot with Wholesome Food Services to test preordering of school lunches in its high school. Here’s what happened and what they learned detailed on this week's episode of One on One, Food Management's podcast.

See what else was trending in K-12 on Food Management this month.


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