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School nutrition trending: K-12 Power Players; school meal kits

Plus, 9 fun new K-12 school lunch menu items kids will devour

In this month’s recap of the Top 5 most popular K-12 Food Management articles, 9 fun new K-12 school lunch menu items kids will devour ranked as the week’s top story. Here’s how food service chefs from the school nutrition world are getting kids’ attention with just the right mix of familiarity, fun and nourishment. You’ll find gourmet hot dogs, a burrito smothered in queso, Mediterranean “dippers,” a pancake taco and more.

Among other stories in this week’s gallery:

  • The 2021 K-12 Power Players cope with coronavirus-related challenges; and
  • When demand for meal kits skyrocketed, one Maryland district rose to the occasion.

In other news, the Salt Lake City child nutrition department works through staffing and coronavirus challenges. Because Salt Lake City Public Schools operates a strong summer feeding program, the district already had equipment such as hot food containers, rolling carts, vehicles and ample cold storage to run this new program.

Click through the gallery to see other trending stories in the K-12 segment.


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