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School nutrition trending: School FSD charged with $1.5 million embezzlement scheme

In this month’s recap of the most popular K-12 stories at Food Management, the top story was 5 things: Lack of cafeteria managers forces schools to resort to cold shelf-stable meals. Eight elementary schools in the Anchorage School District in Alaska lack a cafeteria manager and therefore can’t serve their usual hot lunch and breakfast fare. In response, they have resorted to a stopgap measure of offering free, shelf-stable meals that include items like nacho cheese, jerky, crackers, hummus, juice and shelf-stable milk.

Other top stories:

  • 5 things: Salad bars coming back to Fairfax County Public Schools
  • USDA proposes more stringent new school nutrition standards
  • SNA Survey finds cost, labor and supply issues as top school meal program concerns
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