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Social media snapshots of school lunch superheroes in action during coronavirus pandemic

Scenes from the school lunch front lines: Putting together thousands of meals per day at multiple sites, wearing masks, social distancing and making things as fun and ‘normal’ as possible for our nation’s kids who need it most. This has been another week of school lunch food service workers going above and beyond.

School food social media feeds prior to the coronavirus pandemic were filled with images of traylines with awesome fresh food, happy students trying new veggies and sometimes staffers being silly, making things fun for kids.

Almost overnight, those same feeds have taken a different tone, as school nutrition workers found themselves on the frontline, helping their communities survive in a whole new—often scary—reality. And underneath the masks and social distancing is that same sense of caring for kids and making things as positive and fun as possible for our little ones during this scary time.

“In the COVID-19 crisis, many school nutrition professionals became first responders overnight, sometimes without the safety guidance or support they needed. These superheroes are doing what they have always done—feeding hungry children in their communities,” says Dayle Hayes, MS, RD, a school lunch proponent who manages the popular online group TIPS for School Meals that Rock. “Their social media feeds are now filled with the details of when, where and how meals will be delivered, as well as their concerns about how best to protect their staff and their families. They are proudly showing the millions of emergency meals being delivered, and honestly talking about how exhausting it is…across the USA, everyone is beginning to realize just how essential school food is for feeding our future.”

Check out these snapshots of social media for a slice of real-life school food at this unprecedented point in time.

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