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White House Chef Sam Kass: U.S. at Healthy Eating 'Tipping Point'

Speaking from the Victory Garden Kass expects a smoother year for schools implementing federal nutrition guidelines

Sam Kass, White House chef and executive director of the "Let's Move!" initiative, cites evidence of higher fruit and vegetable consumption as a very good sign for the nation's health in a recent interview with the Detroit Free Press.

"Last year, fruit and vegetable consumption was up 6%, which came as a great surprise," Kass says. "We're seeing much greater awareness across the board about what we're eating and how much we're eating and trying to make sure we're getting balanced meals on our kids' plates."

Kass recognizes the challenges for schools in implementing federal  nutrition guidelines with limited resources. In the face of complaints about the regulations,

He quoted Michelle Obama's standard retort, the Detroit Free Press reports.  "'Kids ... complain about math and science, too,' he said. 'Does that mean we're going to stop teaching them math and science?"'"

Read the full original Detroit Free Press story here.

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