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Whole Foods, School District Partner on Healthy Meals

Local Whole Foods Market outlet and Milton (MA) Schools partner on nutrition education and healthy meal development.

A partnership between the Whole Foods Market store in Dedham, MA, and nearby Milton (MA) Public Schools has not only secured the district's Pierce Middle School a $3,000 salad bar, but also has brought Whole Foods staffers to Pierce and Milton High School to work with the health teacher and teach nutrition classes, reports the Milton Patch. The salad bar was converted by the Pierce foodservice department into a fruit and veggie cart so that students would take more fruits and veggies with their lunches. Meanwhile, Whole Foods staff members brought in a chef and worked with the foodservice staff to develop new, creative food dishes focusing on newly-mandated offerings by USDA, and which include dark leafy greens, orange vegetables and beans.

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