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Executive Charisma

Executive Charisma

What are the characteristics that lead one to the top of an organization?And how does one acquire that "executive presence"?

Well, Debra Benton, a bestselling author (Lions Don't Need to Roar, How to Act Like a CEO, etc.) and renowned executive development coach, tells you. Her six-step process for acquiring the style, flair, and credibility needed to make it to the top is detailed in this volume.

Foodservice directors, no matterhow talented or ambitious, often are not born with these personal qualities. Hence this book, in which Benton helps readers acquire executive charisma.

Drawing on interviews with more than 500 leading executives and studies by dozens of universities and research centers, her approach boils matters down to a six-step program that teaches readers how to think, act, and relate to others like an executive. Her subjects include interpersonal communications, "managing upwards," confidence building, business humor and executive bearing.

Most of the strategies are as easy and common-sense as standing tall and straight and smiling or being "human,humorous and handson." Others are a little more subtle.For instance,she advocates asking subordinates for favors, not to get things but to make them feel "valued.

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