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One On One
Bertrand Weber of Minneapolis Public Schools speaks with Tara Fitzpatrick in the latest episode of One On One, Food Management's podcast.

One On One With: Bertrand Weber of Minneapolis Public Schools on feeding kids while keeping employees safe during coronavirus

The recent Silver Plate recipient heads into possibly the toughest challenge in his career, as his district’s food service pros face new challenges with each day, adjusting meals, service models and more.

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After being recognized as a Silver Plate winner this year, Bertrand Weber had barely time for that honor to register before he and his team at Minneapolis Public Schools were thrown into a whole new world of feeding kids during the COVID-19 pandemic. Always one to deflect the praise, the director of culinary and wellness services was quick to say the award was due to a team effort.

Weber tells us what it’s been like since the first school closures at his district, where rain or shine (mostly blustery rain), the crew has set up sites to distribute meals to the community’s kids who need it most. In a large district like this, the central production kitchen has come in clutch, but not as clutch as the devoted workers who make it happen.

It’s a surreal situation but tempered by the everyday logistics that keep Weber and his team very, very busy. Listen to his experiences, and also the advice he has to offer other school districts in this tumultuous time.

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