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One On One
Broome Tioga BOCES’ Mark Bordea has spent nearly three decades creating successful child nutrition programs in New York.

One On One With: Broome Tioga’s BOCES’ Mark Bordeau on building successful teams and farm-to-school programs in K-12 school food service

The child nutrition leader also talks about USDA’s proposed changes to school meal programs

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After nearly 30 decades in child nutrition, Mark Bordeau, senior food service director of the Broome Tioga BOCES in upstate New York has learned many lessons. He’s created a highly successful school food program that manages cafeterias in 15 districts, with combined purchasing power of $18 million. He developed the Rock On Café a marketing program to promote fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and low-fat or fat-free milk.

But perhaps one of the biggest lessons he’s learned is turning his profession into a passion, something he learned from his mentor Ray Dennison, a former child nutrition director.

I caught up with Bordeau after his took home the School Nutrition Association’s top award this January, which came just days after Dennison’s passing. We talked about creating that passion within your profession, building a team to help affect positive change in the students you create and about building a highly successful farm-to-school program.

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