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One On One
Sung Kim’s business began in his college apartment, where he made his version of NYC’s famous chicken-and-rice street food icon for his friends.

One On One: Founder of hot campus concept Chick-N-Bap on business during the pandemic and a whole new kind of fast-casual fusion

Sung Kim talks about menu development, inspiration, the immigrant experience and the importance of staying humble.

Sung Kim, a business-school alum of SUNY Binghamton, has nurtured a growing fast-casual concept with roots in his college days and a future he hopes will go far beyond there.

The idea for Chick-N-Bap came about from Kim’s dual ideas and feelings (and foods) that represent the duality many immigrants feel. Kim grew up in Queens, N.Y., where the late-night favorite was and is chicken over rice with a zippy white sauce. He took that idea, infused it with his own Korean cultural touchstones and made it into a super viable and growing concept on several campuses, with more to come.

He talks to us about franchising, working with dining departments and the way new menu items come about. Especially interesting is how Chick-N-Bap is getting in on the so-called chicken sandwich wars. He’s also adding salsa for another element in an already mash-tastic flavor profile. Kim has some great ideas and it’s inspiring to experience the energy that he’s bringing to one of the toughest businesses in one of the toughest times.

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