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Laura Knight started working with Morrison Healthcare 20 years ago, on the technology/purchasing side of the business.

One On One With: Healthcare dining’s next tech and teamwork challenges

Morrison Healthcare’s Laura Knight has worked on both the tech and the creative sides of healthcare food service; now she’s VP of patient experience, and helping to forge a path in technology, teamwork and the healing human touch for the future.

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Laura Knight recalls a moment, early in the pandemic, when disinfectant wipes were impossible to come by. A Morrison Healthcare associate got her hands on a case of industrial-sized wipes, then enlisted her husband to help cut them up, pack them into plastic zip bags and send them to the team members who had to get on airplanes that week.

Even now, air travel seems iffy to many of us, but Knight has been living in airports and planes in order to connect with Morrison hospital accounts across the country. She says she’s been inspired by her team of courageous employees, and adds, “I would say ‘fearless,’ but that’s not true,” she says. “We all have fear, but we have to face it.”

Facing fear, uncertainty and all the challenges of this year are the topics of conversation for our talk with Knight. She also gives us a window into the future, as she predicts technology will take on exponentially greater roles in the healthcare foodservice space as time goes on. Balancing all that with the hospitality and human touch aspect of the industry, she’s a great example of how to use the pandemic as a way to come back stronger.

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