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One On One
Executive Chef Aatul Jain of Saint Peter's University Hospital talks with Food Management.

One On One With: Hospital food service operators face front lines of coronavirus

Healthcare executive chef shares details of serving patients and staff during the pandemic.

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On this special edition of One On One With, Food Management’s podcast, I speak with Aatul Jain, executive chef at Saint Peter’s University Hospital in New Brunswick, N.J. Jain is also on the board of the Association of Healthcare Foodservice (AHF), many of whose members are confronting the coronavirus crisis head-on.

I spoke with Jain the day after St. Patrick’s Day, and he says that because he and his team prepared, they are in good shape. But he knows that there’s a rough road ahead for many operators in hospitals as the virus continues to spread.

We spoke about how food and nutrition departments will continue to serve their No. 1 customers—their patients—and how they are ensuring the health and safety of employees, including their mental well-being during what can only be described as high stress.

We also hit on ways operators are changing service during coronavirus, the supply chain and a host of other topics related to healthcare foodservice in the times of coronavirus.

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