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One On One
Ian Magowan, senior manager of Dining Programs at Johns Hopkins University, explains the benefits of having a world-class healthcare system at his fingertips during COVID.

One On One: How one of the country’s leading universities has leaned on students during COVID

Johns Hopkins University had the benefit of the hospital’s health and safety team, giving them time during the pandemic to listen to students and plan the future

When COVID hit, onsite operations everywhere had to figure out how to serve their customers safely. John Hopkins University had an upper hand in that department as it has a world-class research hospital at its doors.

“[Being affiliated with Johns Hopkins Hospital] is not an asset that we will take for granted ever again,” said Ian Magowan, senior manager of Dining Programs, who received the benefits of the hospital’s health and safety team as the dining operations reopened as both share a team.

This relationship gave the dining services a chance to focus on the students and the dining program rather than safety features. One of the areas they were able to focus on instead was ensuring they were meeting customers’ expectations during this different and trying time.

Not only did students have access to the university’s app to receive updates and provide feedback, but a group of students also joined the advisory council that has daily communication with the dining services team through Microsoft Teams. It’s here that feedback was taken and improved with the guidance of students.

Another area the team has been able to focus on this year: How to take the dining program self-operated, something it plans to do in 2022.

Listen to Magowan explain all the new programs happening at Johns Hopkins University.


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