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One On One
Sodexo’s Arthur B. Silva speaks with Tara Fitzpatrick on this week's episode of One On One.

One On One With: How Sodexo is serving seniors during coronavirus

Caring for the elderly has taken on new dimensions since the global pandemic hit. Find out how challenges are being met, from procurement to menus to staffing.

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The elderly are one of our most vulnerable populations, and one of the first to be isolated during the global coronavirus pandemic. These past few weeks have posed challenges to those who feed and care for our seniors, and the solutions are evolving every day.

On a daily basis, Sodexo’s Senior Vice President of North America Seniors Arthur B. Silva is in contact with senior dining operators who must find solutions for all sorts of situations, from telling family members they can’t visit to finding ways to care for those in memory care and keeping staff safe when the future is uncertain.

Silva shares with us how senior dining is starting each new day jumping over hurdles and getting creative to find new solutions to things that hadn’t been an issue before—like when a resident needs a dining associate to physically help them eat. Also, Silva talks about what Sodexo is doing as a company to ensure its teams of caregivers are taken care of as well.

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