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Dan Giusti founded Brigaid in 2016 as a way to bring professional chefs into schools, providing training, scratch recipes and more and he joins us on this week's episode of One on One.

One On One With: Noma chef-turned-school-chef Dan Giusti faces new challenge

Brigaid founder and master of reinvention, Chef Dan Giusti pivots yet again as school food became emergency feeding during the pandemic.

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In this week’s episode of One On One With, we talk with Dan Giusti, who became famous as executive chef of prestigious Noma in Copenhagen, then headed back to the U.S. to found Brigaid in 2016.

Brigaid is a small crew of chefs who partner with schools on training and scratch recipes, and in New London, Conn., Brigaid is working at the ground level and serving thousands of meals per day for students in need. They’re also partnering with a senior center and providing meals there as well.

As a former fine-dining chef of the highest order, Giusti says sometimes his resume stands in the way (making him feel like an outsider at times), but by getting down to business in school cafeterias, he’s proving himself in this world every day.

He tells us about the types of menu items he’s found to be working best in a grab-and-go environment. A lot of the dishes are pure global comfort foods; all are pretty interesting. And he’s looking ahead to the future of school food as we all are (with a mix of apprehension and determination), so we talked about that, too.

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