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Dave Annis, director of dining services at the University of Nebraska, speaks with Becky Schilling on this week's episode of One On One.

One On One With: Preparing for COVID-19 patients at the University of Nebraska

The college has about 750 students still on campus but residence hall occupancy could increase if recovered patients are housed in the dorms.

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College campuses are designed to housing students, but that could change at the University of Nebraska. As the coronavirus pandemic hits the nation’s healthcare systems in full force, hospital beds are in great need. But as patients are on the road to recovery from COVID-19, they might be moved out of hospitals and into other locations to finish isolation.

That’s a possibility Dave Annis, director of dining services at the University of Nebraska, is preparing for. He says there’s a possibility that up to 1,000 people could be housed on campus, and his dining services team would be providing meals for them each day.

I also caught up with Annis about how Nebraska has been dealing with coronavirus. There are still about 750 students on campus and the dining team has been working diligently to feed them—and be safe for students and staff.

But to kick off our conversation, we had a quick chat about his move from the University of Oklahoma, where Annis spent 33 years and how he quickly—some might say a little too quickly—shifted his college football loyalties.

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