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One On One
Roger Least hit the ground running when he started as director at Brightview last summer.

One On One: Senior dining director on surviving and what comes next

A candid look back at what last year meant to senior dining, and how day by day, things are still changing. We talk with Roger Least, corporate director of dining for Brightview Senior Living, a self-operated community of 42 locations on the East Coast.

Join us in this episode of the One On One podcast, a fascinating conversation on some behind-the-scenes challenges (and triumphs) of the senior dining world. The residents and the employees have found their way through some new situations, and we get the scoop from Roger Least, Baltimore-based corporate director of dining for Brightview Senior Living.

Least got his start in the club and resort world of hospitality, and as he says, “stumbled into senior dining” last year when a chance encounter with a chef applying for a senior dining job led to a talent scout reaching out to Least. He grew up Buffalo, N.Y., and has moved around a bit in career, including to Myrtle Beach and Savannah. Now living with his wife and kids (all working and learning remotely) in Baltimore, Least says he’s found the right balance. We ask him how he’s gone beyond survival mode and into this new season of senior dining, whatever it will bring.

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