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In this week’s episode of One On One With we catch up with Executive Chef Jay Vetter, who shares what’s happening on the campus of Elon University and how they’re looking ahead to whatever next school year might look like.

One On One With: Staying ahead of the curve with Southern hospitality at Elon University

Jay Vetter, executive chef with Harvest Table Culinary Group at Elon University in North Carolina, talks with us about being ready for whatever college education will look like next fall while providing comforting, fun meals in the here and now.

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Harvest Table Culinary Group at Elon University has been raising the bar there with next-level flavors and impressive catering setups. But like other campuses across the country, COVID-19 closures have meant an interruption to the communal aspect of dining.

Jay Vetter, executive chef, and the team there are keeping a positive perspective for students still on campus, and those who may be able to come in the fall. Though picking up food is contactless, the marketing team has made sure dining is in contact with students virtually, through cooking classes and a gorgeous Instagram account.

Milkshake_Elon_University_Harvest_Table_Culinary_Group.jpgPhoto: Pop-ups on campus make things much more fun for students who can’t go home for whatever reason. Cooking outside—think barbecue chicken—is another great way to social distance with delicious results.

Credit: Elon University Harvest Table Group

Creating meals that nourish and comfort is what this team was built to do, Vetter says, and they’re taking advantage of any downtime to conceptualize and develop solutions for no matter what the future may hold. They are also making some pretty great milkshakes, which make everything better, no question.

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