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Fresh Ideas Food Service Management Chief Technology Officer Bob Love joins Food Management this week on One On One With.

One On One With: Technology solutions for the post-coronavirus campus

Fresh Ideas Food Service Management Chief Technology Officer Bob Love discusses the various high-tech solutions the company is deploying to facilitate dining services on college campuses while accommodating the restrictions that colleges will almost certainly be facing this fall in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

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There is almost no doubt that college campuses this fall will be a lot different from past years—assuming they actually can reopen following this spring’s coronavirus-forced shutdowns, that is. Issues like social distancing, sanitation measures, customer jitters and the banning of some traditional modes of operation such as self-service will force college dining programs to rethink how they operate while still providing quality meals and efficient service to their customers.

Technology promises to play a big role in facilitating that transition, and Fresh ideas Food Service Management is one company that has been at the leading edge of embracing high-tech solutions. The FM Top 50 firm has already deployed technologies ranging from selfie-based dining hall check-in and an app allowing personalized customer service to a “panic button” that quickly alerts managers to problems and complaints and, most recently, a mobile ordering platform for all-you-care-to-eat dining hall stations.

Bob Love as the company’s chief technology officer is the tip of the spear when it comes to Fresh Ideas’ high-tech operations. Here are his thoughts on how technologies the company is deploying can help campus dining programs meet the challenge of the post-COVID campus.

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