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Asian Menu Theme Ideas

Asian Menu Theme Ideas

Most Asian holidays have special foods associated with them. Here a just a few.

The Lantern Festival closes the New Year festivities. • Special: yuan shiao (rice flour dumplings).

The Dragon Boat Festival commemorates patriot and poet Chu Yuang. • Special: rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves.

The Hungry Ghosts Festival is to remember and pay tribute to dead family members and to offer food to the deceased in order to appease them and ward off bad luck! • Special: an elaborate feast.

Mid Autumn Moon Festival slated on the 15th day of the eight month on the Chinese lunar calendar. • Special: Moon Cakes: pastry filled with assorted bean pastes, dried fruits, mixed nuts and even ham.

Chong yang/Double-ninth Festival/Kite Festival commemorates a legend where a good man is seperated from his family.• Special: picnic and finger foods.

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