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Friends and Tweets

Friends and Tweets

Iowa State's marketing department offers some creative ideas for using social media promotions.

Two marketing pros from Iowa State University's Department of Residence/ISU Dining have learned — and are still learning — what makes for great Facebooking and Twittering.

Here are some use-right-now ideas for developing your social media from Marketing Coordinator Brittney Rutherford and Communications Specialist Cameron Aisenbrey:

Play Trivia Games: ISU students have responded best to trivia questions that come with a gift card for a prize. Ask a question like “How late is the library open on Sundays?” and then randomly draw a winner from those who respond.

The Word of the Day: A secret word is announced on Facebook and Twitter, and students can get a free cookie if they say the word.

Use Negative Feedback to the Positive: A student has a complaint? Don't take down the comment; address it publicly and get points for being transparent.

Announce Special Promotions: “Bring in your own mug and get free coffee” or any other fun specials are perfect for social media.

Post Photos and Videos: A trip to an apple orchard run by ISU graduates yielded some great video, an element the marketers want to do more of. Communications students can help with editing video and gain experience at the same time.

“Constantly experiment,” Aisenbrey says. “We throw a bunch of different things out there every week.”

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